The Buckingham Woodstation

A new concept in logging

The Buckingham Woodstation offers a fast, convenient and very safe way of cutting logs with a chainsaw.  Portable and versatile, it saves time and money while making cutting logs and firewood a much simpler job than in the past.  




The Buckingham Woodstation can be either free-standing, or hung on the side of a trailer or truck body. When mounted onto the purpose-made stand, logs can be cut and bagged without bending your back, and when hung on the side of a truck logs can be emptied straight into the trailer. 



As well as the convenience, the speed will surprise you.  One customer told us he easily cuts 150 logs in five minutes using the smallest Garden Model. Another customer said that using a Woodstation halved his logging time compared to using a Fergie logging bench.  


The Buckingham Woodstation allows you to cut stakes and fence posts with the use of a simple attachment that turns the Woodstation into a 'horse' holding the log at the perfect height for splitting and sharpening.


You can also cut smaller diameter wood easily and effectively, which is especially useful for charcoal burning.  Even cutting slabwood becomes a pleasure.


Model sizes & options: 

Whether logging is your business, or you cut logs for an open fire or wood stove, the Buckingham Woodstation will make cutting firewood faster and easier than before, and there are a range of model sizes to suit your particular need - please click here for details.


Each model includes the basic stand with log cradle and anti-spin bar, and all models can take the optional attachments: log-retaining sides (to prevent smaller cut logs from falling out of the cradle); hooks (for mounting onto a truck or trailer); and the stake holder.



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Patent No: GB2347380